Our portfolio

Imagine yourself and your friends and family relaxing Kiwi-style, outside among the trees, birds and plants, tunes playing, a bit of backyard cricket… Or maybe a balcony lush with planter boxes and hanging vines, or an expansive space complete with fruit trees and little paradise pockets with seating to look back at your home.

This is where we come in. This is where we make it happen!


City and suburb projects

We work in all spaces from small decks/balconies to the traditional Kiwi quarter-acre suburban property to create an oasis that is particular to your personality and needs, whether that calls for family spaces, low maintenance, growing your own produce or just something simple.


Rural escapes

We have worked in a number of rural homes, creating well-designed sprawling gardens that maximise the views, offer ample pockets to draw you through the garden, as well as dedicated areas for growing your own herbs, vegetables, fruit and fruit trees. We always incorporate existing features. From country gardens full of roses, to those that feature Kiwi natives only, we’re comfortable in big spaces.


Commercial projects

Olson Landscapes designs, project manages and maintains commercial gardens covering anything from school grounds like this one at Stonefields Primary School to many hectares of sub-divided land. We are experienced working with developers, council, build companies and other involved parties to create sustainable, well-designed spaces that complement existing and new buildings.


Customised furniture

As we are an end to end design and project management studio, including maintenance, we proudly create customised features for our clients, designed to suit their desires, and the particular specifications of the space. We have built and crafted bespoke in built and stand alone seating areas, metal artwork entrance gates, hard landscape accessories, and other trimmings and furnishings.