Meet the Olsons

Olson Landscapes was founded by Gavin Olson (Dip.Landscape Design at Unitech, Cert. in Business Management) in 2008, following extensive experience in the UK. In recent years, wife Monika Olson, a designer and make-up artist joined the design team, bringing her own creative eye to the process. That’s why with Olson Landscapes clients might align with one designer, but enjoy the benefit of a second eye. Two heads are better than one!

The rest of the installation team consists of  builders and gardeners, who are also very friendly and approachable for an all-round enjoyable and professional experience.

Gavin and Monika have experience working across different landscapes including large commercial projects to small courtyards with high end customised detailing, for builders, architects and directly with clients. They have also been head consultants and installers for sizable housing and schooling developments projects.

Their passion and understanding of the environment and New Zealand flora ensures projects not only look good now but also in the future.

Their love of nature is also demonstrated in landscape rehabilitation projects such as garden community groups, parks and schools, while their expertise is highly regarded, evident from Gavin’s guest appearances as a landscape expert in The Cafe.


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Gavin Olson

The founder of Olson Landscapes, Gavin has more than 15 years’ experience in landscape consulting, designing and building.

Down to earth, this New Zealand born and bred landscaper brings a professional ease to his work, and leads a friendly team of landscapers. Reliable and experienced, and has worked with designers such as interior designer and landscaper Hamish Dodd.

He a great passion for how nature and design effects people and their environment, which is why Gavin studied Dip.Landscape Design at Unitech, and received a Cert. in Business Management.

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Monika Olson

Co-designer Monika has a strong background in the arts, graphic design and marketing.

She has been helping steer the ship with Gavin for approximately 10 years, while running her own successful make up artistry business and bringing up children, Taj and Blake.

With her trained eye for detail, colours, and passion for edible plants, she now brings her skills to the creative side of the business.

She has a Dip. in Graphic and Interior Design, Cert. in Business Management, and a Cert. in Business Growth & Development.


The team

Olson Landscapes employs a team of 6 full time staff plus part time staff to build and maintain projects, with Gavin as the head project manager.

Their skills and specialties are varied, but all have related background and certifications including in building, green keeping, landscaping and maintenance.